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Savage Arts Council is pleased to have a place to call home in the same building that houses the Savage Public Library Building. The Savage Arts Council will offers cultural art events, and visual and literary art classes to students of all ages and abilities. Classes typically meet for 3-4 sessions are about about $10 per instruction hour.

Weekly Class Schedule

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Open Studio

2:00 to 7:00

FREE to members



Watercolor Tricks

Instr: Lucy LeMay

10:00a to 12:00p



Watercolor Tricks

Instructor: Lucy LeMay

Saturdays 10:00a to 12:00p

September 19th & 26th and October 3rd & 17th.


After painting for 30 years and doing watercolor for 10 years, Lucy Le May, retired high school art teacher and owner operator of Le May Studio, has some tricks to share. This course is a four-session event, no make-ups. Because of the pace and amount of material covered this is not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Handouts provided. We will cover:

  • Floating color and controlling that darn back bleed.
  • Color theory for a good painting every time.
  • Painting skies: hake brush 2”
  • Nature under your feet: fan brush
  • Good design means a good painting: focal points, rule of thirds.
  • How to make water or reflecting surfaces: hake brush
  • To salt or not to salt
  • Paintings that paint themselves
  • Staining vs. non-staining colors, paper differences and what that means to you.

Other topics will be covered as time allows based on the needs of students who have a technique they need for a problem painting. Noteworthy: these are not sessions to complete a finished project but practice for beginner watercolorists. Beginner supply list should include: a large round #22-26 with a good point, small round #8-10 with a good point, flat 1 ½” brush, liner or script brush, fan brush #2, 140 lb. Arches cold-press of any size or scraps 6 x 8” or bigger, p. towels or Kleenex, water container, masking tape, small flat kitchen sponge. Paint & palette: quin. gold or yellow cad. medium, alizarin crimson  or red cad. medium, ultra-marine blue, thalo-green. 

There are two price options:

  • Cost: $80, supplies provided by you. 
  • Cost: $80 + $20 for supplies, provided by instructor.


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